Despite the plan of a Five Cities infrastructure development, we have designed to be launched as NollyShop.Com – a uniquely developed card and application that is to be linked up with entertainment/media related businesses, diverse merchants, food/beverage companies & outlets, hospitality and allied outfits nationwide, with the vision of leveraging our brand capital due to the fact that the brand- phrase ‘Nollywood Film City’ solely belongs to us. Due to our emergent concept of integrating education, film production, real estate, agriculture, internet media payment/distribution and tourism development in Nigeria it is projected that the entire project value chain would present huge profitability windows especially through the introductory scheme of a small scale prototype construction of the flagship in Owerri Imo State to be known as NOLLYWOOD FILM CITY AND PALM RESORT. This is particularly due to original concept of integrating the palm plantation with a cattle ranch/goat sanctuary including aqua culture which shall serve the thrust of the tourism activities. It is important to note that at this point in our nation’s history the question of cattle husbandry has taken a huge political question rather than its place as an economic proposition. Therefore with the proprietary interest of the name Nollywood Film City through the legal registration of NOLLYWOOD FILM CITY AND PALM RESORTS LTD as a special purpose vehicle at the Corporate Affairs Commission is ready to commence project implementation. Coupled with the fact that there is the immediate need for non oil revenue diversification in Nigeria especially considering that local tourism is a high income earner, we are encouraged to seek strategic investors or financiers to begin project execution immediately.

Product Description

The Online shop/Platform Name: Product Name: NollyShop.Com TM (Pin &Chip) Lifestyle Card Product Type: online shopping and payment, Advertising, Marketing, credit purchase for confirmed income earners, Discount &Shopping Card, Ticketing Product Value: Exclusive Discount &Reward card, Membership ID for Monthly Business Networking &Commerce Club, Participation at Film Screening events and festivals Product Expansion: Major Cities (Lagos, Abuja, PH, Enugu, Asaba, Kaduna, Owerri, Asaba) + Ghana, South Africa, Dubai, United Kingdom, United States.

Product Partnerships:

Banks, Manufacturers, Merchant Shops, etc. Categories of Merchants: The NollyShop.Com TM platform supports a wide category of merchant. Our philosophy is: Unlimited Access. Our merchants shall help us to achieve the vision defined by this philosophy. We shall support the following categories of merchants:

  • Supermarkets /Malls /Boutiques / Pharmacy/ Hotels & Resorts/ Restaurants
  • Transport Companies (Airline, Travelling Agencies and Bus Lines)
  • Dry-cleaning Services/ Electronic and Furniture Stores/ Cinemas
  • Bookshops/ Cosmetic Stores/ Jewellery Stores/ Salon/ Gym and Spa Centers and many more product lines.

Depending on the participation bank, the visual presentation of the cards shall be as follows; It has been designed and created to be a lifestyle card that offers multi-level exclusive discounts, credit purchase and reward benefits to its holders. It also offers online business transactions and shopping platform for its users. It is a ONE &ALL Card that provides dynamic, value oriented, direct access, effective and prompt service delivery to its carriers across the country and beyond. THE NollyShop.Com TM OPERATIONAL MODEL NollyShop.Com TM is conceptualized as a reward/ loyalty business model that is driven primarily by a Lifestyle Card and Smart Phone App that entitles the holder to various benefits and an online presence in form of a web portal. The web portal serves as the primary conversion point bringing all stakeholders in the model together to enhance the objectives of the business .
The stakeholders in the NollyShop.Com TM model are:

  • The issuing banks– (To prospectively involve 2 major banks)
  • Consumers (The Primary Target)
  • Merchants (The Services and Product Providers) and
  • NollyShop.Com TM Back Office staff (Us – the Business Service Provider and the ICT Platform).

It is important to note that in businesses of this nature, there will always be an ancillary system and non¬-system stakeholders such as payment platforms (the payment switches), third party advertisers, supporting mobile applications, social networking systems, SMS gateways, logistics/courier Companies and their systems, etc. These stakeholders are primarily dictated by the objectives of NollyShop.Com TM, which (from a high level) is to aggregate consumers at a single point (online and off1ine market) where their needs can be met by Merchants of various products and services who are signed on to the NollyShop.ComTM platform. One can therefore think of NollyShop.ComTM as a massive “City-Centre” Mall that brings buyers, seller and their facilitators together under one digital roof; thereby creating a business platform based on excellent product and quality service delivery, designed to benefit all the stakeholders within the platform.

FEATURES OF NollyShop.Com TM(One Shop. One Card. Shop Smart)

NollyShop.ComTM features six (6) products designed to create unlimited and unimaginable reward system for its users and all her listed merchants. This will be introduced each, every quarter from launch of the card and commencement of its official business operation (An all in a time plan):

  • NollyShop.Com TMSHOPMORE PAY LESS: This is the exclusive discount feature. Holders are entitled to exclusive discounts across selected independent local and international service providers and product stores, e.g., supermarkets, airlines, hotels &resorts, supermarkets, dry-cleaning services, furniture &electronics stores, boutiques, transport companies including shipping lines, cinemas, travel agencies, automobile companies and many more.
  • NollyShop.Com TM HUB: this is the cardholders extra profit platform. Here card holders are authorized to enlist and create customized and exclusive business account on the hub. Cardholders can make money by introducing ten of their contacts with their detailed phone numbers, emails to enable our customer care bring them on the platform. Merchants benefit from an expanding network as existing shoppers look to credit their accounts with 5% (five percent) of transaction value accrued from their referred contacts.
  • NollyShop.Com TMCREDIT BOX: All card holders are entitled to access product credit facilities with only 7% (seven percent) interest rate on a monthly pay back plan (T&C Applies).
  • NollyShop.Com TMMARKET COMMUNITY: advertise, buy products and sell products and services.
  • NollyShop.Com TMFAMILY ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy download of latest feature movies, documentaries and internet content across Nigeria and abroad, pay for tickets of shows, festivals, screenings, etc and also get priority invite to entertainment and media events. Get notified of auction sales and other events and take advantage of same at discounted preferences.
  • NollyShop.Com TMMOBILE APPS: download mobile applications on your gadgets e.g.; blackberries,palm tops, tablets, iPads etc to get latest information and transactions.

NOLLYWOOD FILM CITY AND PALM RESORTS LTD shall partner with Nigerian banks to produce epayment certified smart cards. The cards will be equipped with a chip and PIN technology that will enable the holder to make online transactions. The cardholder will be able to purchase items from our online platform and other affiliated retailers (supermarket, hotel, airline etc) at exclusively discounted rates. With every transaction that the customer uses the card for, they will gain benefits in the way of points that they will be able to use to purchase preset giveaway items such as holidays or specific goods from selected retailers. The and NollyShop.Com TM: To be run by an ICT structure referred to as web and mobile APPs, it holds the backend link to connect, register and manage all the online shopping activities on and the NollyShop.Com TMclients. Also, for administration purpose, monitoring of all transactions, content management, merchants catalogue and NollyShop.Com TMlatest sponsored events. For the NollyShop.Com TM; the prospective member purchases the card from either our head office, sales outlets or our partnering Banks Customer Service Unit, collect and activate via the PIN MAILER, after which he/she can change to its own secret pin number. When this is done, then he/she can load the card with funds and commence shopping at discounted rates via our web platform or our partner’s outlets via the use of our partnering bank POS. At this point, every transaction done through the POS or the portal is monitored and recorded via our web APPs and bank setup for proper accountability.


Our online cards


Nollywood Film City is structured in a commercially sustainable and ease of livelihood (green city initiative). Serviced plots for residential and commercial use is availiable.


The film city is planned to take care of Tourists with Agro tourist infrastructure eg. Artificial lake (Fish pond), Palm plantation with ATV Trail and Mini golf course
Also a guest house an event centre and club house with swimming pools complimenting the tourism area.


Nollywood Film Academy is in the forefront of performing and media Arts located at the film, students are provided with verifiable certification and accomodation.