Another major unique feature of the proposed estate development is that of the Mini Artificial Lake and Aquaculture Facility which will serve as a recreational fishing spot as well as for commercial. This area shall be contiguous to the swimming pool to create the ambience of a Green City Project. Water resource management/conversation and cost effectiveness are the critical to our plans, the technology to be employed is elementary and simple but yet very innovative and efficient.

Nollywood Film City and Palm Resorts is fashioned out in a Sustainable Dev/Green Shell (SDGS) design that is envisaged to make room for the integration of tourism and agriculture such that we shall maintain an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) trail in the estate which also is going to house a mini Cattle Ranch. The underlying idea is to create a very viable tourist infrastructure with the artificial lake and African Village Film Set incorporating 2 event halls and a 24 room guest house to support economic activities in the area as a symbiosis to other adjunct facilities.

A Cow cultivation system which is integrated with an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) trail in the Estate with the ATVs provided will get immediate tourist attention. We are not reinventing the wheel after several companies have ran the programme e.g. PT Citra Borneo Indah, PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS) through PT Sulung Ranch. Running the concept gives benefits to the palm resort. This means comprehensive sustainable development. That is why this is particularly a major plank of our plan.

By maintaining local/traditional architecture of the major tribes in one location we intend to create an African Village Set for film production. While the exterior fa├žade shall be completely in consonance with local/traditional patterns the interior shall be ultra modern in terms of the finishing. It is aimed at producing the effects of cultural integration and film production resource uniqueness. The simplicity and functionality of the design will allow for holiday rentals.


Nollywood Film City is structured in a commercially sustainable and ease of livelihood (green city initiative). Serviced plots for residential and commercial use is availiable.


The film city is planned to take care of Tourists with Agro tourist infrastructure eg. Artificial lake (Fish pond), Palm plantation with ATV Trail and Mini golf course
Also a guest house an event centre and club house with swimming pools complimenting the tourism area.


Nollywood Film Academy is in the forefront of performing and media Arts located at the film, students are provided with verifiable certification and accomodation.